Hi there!

Welcome to our page! We are a team of dedicated educators who concentrate on exploring new AI applications that will assist every teacher in their day-to-day activities. We believe that integrating AI Tools in the classroom will not only assist the teacher, but also students who will engage in powerful and fun learning opportunities--all in the name of student achievement.

We do our best to send teachers a weekly AI Tool or Strategy so they may learn about it and decide if it will be of use to them.

We believe in...

  • working smarter, not harder
  • transition to student-centered learning
  • engaging learners through visual learning activities and student discussions
  • seeing student achievement rise along with teacher performance



Hi, my name is Julio Cesar Martinez and I am an Assistant Principal at Garcia Middle School. I have two master's degrees -  Master of Education in Educational Technology and Educational Administration. I enjoy the edtech life and love to see teachers learn and apply what they learned—all in the name of student achievement.
Claudia Garcia - I am an ELAR teacher at Garcia Middle School who is passionate about student success and student achievement. I love to blend technology into the curriculum because I am a firm believer that student engagement coupled with technology opens up new horizons with endless possibilities of student growth and development. William McHale - I am a CTE teacher at Garcia Middle School, where I instruct students across the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. I hold a master's degree in educational technology. As a proud Brownsville native, I have a deep-rooted connection to the community, particularly through my parents, who are both retired teachers from BISD. I recognize the critical role technology plays in today's educational landscape and beyond. My ultimate goal is to empower my students to become technologically literate individuals, equipping them with the skills and proficiency in using various technological tools.
Reagan Miller - I am a math teacher at Garcia Middle School. Passionate about math and student engagement using tech tools! Coach Sergio Sanchez - I’ve been teaching physical education for 12 years 4 at Garcia middle school.